Auskick at Ocean Ridge Junior Football Club values and respects every member of our club.  We all abide by the following guidelines and philosophies so everybody can enjoy their football.

Coaching Philosophy

  • To have FUN!
  • Equal opportunities for all players – equal game time – rotation system in place and explained
  • To teach the importance of sportsmanship
  • To be a good role model
  • To be positive at all times
  • To teach and instill teamwork
  • Improve the football skills and football knowledge of every player

Players Expectations

  • To have FUN!
  • To always try and do the best you can at training and during games
  • To be a good team member by always supporting your team mates
  • To listen at training and games
  • To ask questions of the coaching staff
  • To never question the umpire
  • To be a good sportsperson
  • To practice skills
  • To come to Auskick with correct football gear ie. Football boots, socks, shorts and drink bottle filled with water
  • To arrive at Auskick and be ready by when your session commences

Parent Expectations

  • To socialize and have FUN!
  • To encourage and assist the players to practice their skills
  • To display goods sportsmanship by acknowledging opposition good play and to never dispute the umpire’s decision
  • To encourage the children during the game but not to coach
  • To be involved and assist the team ie. In training, goal umpiring, social events, roster duties
  • To always be supportive at Auskick
  • To reinforce any coaching message passed on to the players by the coaches
  • To discuss any concerns you have regarding your son or daughter with the coach

Resources for Coaches & Parents


Find all the activities for each level (by session) in the form of videos, images, downloadable documents, and a heap of supporting documents to execute the program effectively


Heathridge Park, Sail Terrace, Heathridge 6027